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The land of wooden churches, mythological richness, impressive landscapes and very ancient customs

15 Aug - “Stan Ioan Patras Festival” - Sapanta

Sapanta, 15-16 August 2013 – The “Stan Ioan Patras Festival”


Named after the creator of the Merry Cemetery, this two-day event blends traditional Maramures music and dance with an innovative and inspiring experiment. Seven traditional musicians from countries including Turkey, Ireland, Iran meet in Sapanta to learn about the region’s rich traditions. At the end of their seven-day stay, they go on stage together for the first time to present Roots Revival Romania.


Thursday, 15th of August

16:00  Traditional Maramures music


Friday, 16th of August

19:00 Dramatic performance by Teatrul nescris din Sant

21:00 Roots Revival Romania Concert

This concert is inspired by the people of Maramures, their music and their way of life.

During the festival local artisans will present their crafts: weaving, pottery, icon painting, wood carving. There will also be workshops for music and dance, traditional food and cheese making.

The festival is organised by the Sapanta Hall in partenership with the National Authority for Tourism.

A seminar of conclusions will take place on the 17th of August and will be open to the public: "Tourism promotion - what the community thinks". 

Information: +40 745 148 700; +40 722 234 627