Visit Maramures

The land of wooden churches, mythological richness, impressive landscapes and very ancient customs


All trains service is managed by CFR Romania and a full timetable can be found on their website at (available in English, Romanian and French) or

To Baia Mare we have the following main train connections:


From Bucharest
Bucharest North-departure 21:20 - Baia Mare-arrival 9:28

From Timisoara
Timisoara North-departure 15:50 - Baia Mare-arrival  22:43

From Cluj-Napoca
Cluj Napoca 4:19-departure  - Baia Mare-arrival  8:45  
Cluj Napoca 14:05-departure - Baia Mare-arrival 17:41
Cluj Napoca 15:32-departure - Baia Mare-arrival 19:37
Cluj Napoca 18:25-departure - Baia Mare-arrival 22:18


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