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1. Wooden church «Saint Nicholas» in Budeşti Josani

Dating back to 1643, the wooden church "Saint Nicholas" in Budeşti Josani was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. 
Budești, Maramureș

2. Wooden Church from Baia Mare Village Museum

It was erected in 1630 and brought here from the village of Chechiş in 1939. 
Baia Mare, Maramureș

+40 262 276 895

3. Wooden Church in Răzoare

The church dates back to the mid-18th century and is on the list of historical monuments.The place of worship of Orthodox rite wears the name of St. Dumitru. It is built in the traditional Maramureș style, made of wooden beams, with a… 
Răzoare, oraș Târgu Lăpuș, Maramureș

+40 262 384 239

4. Wooden church «Holy Mother's Entrance» in Bârsana

Of a particular beauty, the wooden church "Holy Mother's Entrance" in Bârsana is specific to small Maramureș' churches with a double roof. 
Bârsana, Maramureș

5. Wooden church «The Assumption of Virgin Mary» in Călinești Susani

The wooden church "The Assumption of Virgin Mary" in Călinești Susani was erected in 1758, being unusual for the wooden churches of Maramures, its forms revealing rather Moldavia's influences. 
Călinești, Maramureș

+40 262 373 084

6. Wooden Church «The Ascension of the Lord» in Borșa

The church with the name "The Ascension of the Lord" (Înălțarea Domnului) was erected in 1992.  
Borșa, Maramureș

+40 262 343 973

7. Wooden church «Birth of Virgin Mary» in Călinești Căeni

The wooden church "Birth of Virgin Mary" in Călinești Căeni was built in 1663 from oak wood and subsequently subjected, in the 19th century, to an expansion process in which fir wood was used. 
Călinești, Maramureș

+40 262 373 084

8. Wooden church «Birth of the Immaculate» in Remecioara

Raised in the 19th century, the wooden church "Birth of the Immaculate" (Nașterea Preacuratei) went through several restoration processes, being shingled and renovated outdoors in 2001. 
Remetea Chioarului, Maramureș

+40 362 404 824

9. Wooden church «Saint Paraschiva» in Deseşti

Most specialists dated the wooden church "Saint Paraschiva" in Deseşti in 1770, which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1999.  
Desești, Maramureș

10. Wooden Church «Saint Elijah» in Posta

The wooden church "Saint Elijah"( Sfântul Ilie) in Posta dates back to 1675 and is part of the typology of the Maramureș churches by its harmonious proportions. 
Posta, Maramureș

11. Wooden church «St. Nicholas» in Boiereni

The wooden church "St. Nicholas" dates back to the 18th century. The holy place is said it have been displaced to Boiereni from Dumbrăvița in 1815, while the Monograph of the Lăpuş Protopopiat records that the church was given to the… 
Boiereni, Maramureș

+40 262 384 239

12. Wooden church «Saint Nicholas» in Corneşti

The wooden church "Saint Nicholas" in Corneşti dates back to 1615, but dendrochronological research revealed that the shrine would have been built a century later. 
Călineşti, Maramureș

+40 262 373 084

13. Wooden Church in Culcea

It is one of the oldest wooden curches in Maramureș County, being erected in 1720. 
Săcălășeni, Maramureș

14. Wooden Church in Rogoz

Built in 1663, the church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, being an edifice with complex architecture and rare beauty. 
Rogoz, Maramureș

15. Wooden Churches «Saint Mihail and Gabriel» in Surdești

Also known as the "Cathedral of the Wooden Churches", the construction captures the size of the spire, having a total height of about 72 meters and being one of the tallest wooden churches in the world. 
Surdești, Maramureș

16. Wooden church «Holy Archangels Michael and Gavril» in Remetea Chioarului

Built in the 18th century, the wooden church "Holy Archangels Michael and Gavril" in Remetea Chioarului originally bore the name "St. Nicholas". 
Remetea Chioarului, Maramureș

17. The Reformed Church of Berchez

The Reformed Church of Berchez surprises with the age of the foundation on which it was built, dating back to around the 13th to 15th centuries.  
Remetea Chioarului, Maramureș

18. Church «Saint Varvara» in Cavnic

Although its construction began in 1800, the church "Saint Varvara" was not completed until 1812. Its decoration was done almost a century later, the interior wall painting dating back to 1909.  
Cavnic, Maramureș

+40 262 295 046

19. Church «Saint John the Baptist» in Berchez

The church dedicated to "Saint John the Baptist" dates back to 1704, when it was raised on the old hearth of the village, being displaced about a century and a half later in the place it is today. 
Remetea Chioarului, Maramureș

20. Wooden church «Holy Archangels» in Săpâia

Raised in 1820, the wooden church with the "Holy Archangels" in Săpâia belongs to the category of small houses of worship, with porch, pronaos, naos and unhooked apse. 
Remetea Chioarului, Maramureș

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