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1. The Cross from Țibleș Mountains

Țibles Mountains, in terms of geology are made entirely of volcanic rocks, starting from 800 metres and reaching up to 1840 metres (Bran Peak). 

+40 262 384 239

2. Pin from Sighetu Marmatiei

Located in the northern extremity of Romania, the town of Sighetu Marmației is famous as the place where the map "hangs in pin", which is why a pin-shaped monument with a height of about two meters was placed here. 
Sighetu Marmației, Maramureș

+40 371 347 133

3. Flotation of non-ferrous metals in Cavnic

The flotation of non-ferrous metals was dated from 1810 to 1820, part of the industrial heritage of Cavnic. 
Cavnic, Maramureș

+40 262 295 046

4. Spindle on Old Ladies Hill

The monumental spindle on Old Ladies Hill is about 14 metres long and was made of oak wood by the craftsman Peter Godja.  
Călineşti, Maramureș

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5. Monument of the Romanian Soldier

It was erected as a sign of gratitude for the soldiers who had fallen in the battles of the Second World War. 
Baia Mare, Maramureș

+40 262 211 003

6. The ruins of Logolda in Cavnic

The ruins of Logolda are reminiscent of the golden years of the mining town, when it is said that the purest gold in the world was extracted in Cavnic.  
Cavnic, Maramureș

+40 262 295 046

7. The Elders' Council in Baia Mare

The Elders' Council is a statuary group of five characters, made by the artist Gheza Vida, in 1973.  
Baia Mare, Maramureș

+40 262 212 110

8. Stone of the Tatars

To mark an important moment from the past of the settlement, an obelisk, with a height of 7.2 meters, bearing the inscription "Anno 1717 usque hic fuerunt tartari", i.e. "In 1717, that is, that's how far the Tatars arrived." 
Cavnic, Maramureș

+40 262 295 046

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