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1. Memorial Ensemble of the Martyrs of Moisei

The monument represents a commemoration of the supreme sacrifice of our ancestors for the country. On the fateful date of 14th October 1944, 29 romanians lost their lives in two wooden houses at the outskirts of the Moisei village, under the rain o 
Mosei, Maramureș

2. The Butchers’ Bastion

Starting with the 15th century, the fortification system of medieval city of Baia Mare consisted of strong walls of brick and stone, that had from place to place towers( bastions), which considerably increased the defense capacity when facing attack 
Baia Mare, Maramureș

+40 262 211 924

3. Memorial House Ellie Wiesel

The museum was organized in 2002 to honor the life and the work of Elie Wiesel, as well as the memory of the more than 40,000 Jews who lived in Maramureș before World War II.  
Sighetu Marmației, Maramureș

+40 262 311 521

4. The Teleki Castle - Petőfi Sándor Museum

The Teleki Castle is said to have been built between 1740-1760, during the Maria Tereza Empress’ time.  
Coltău, Maramureș

+40 262 289 289

5. Huțuli Ethnographic Museum in Repedea

The museum was inaugurated in 2019, with the effort of Hutul Ukrainians Foudation from Romania toghether with Sinaptica - Maramureș Association. The small museum is set in an old attachment-building and houses objects that are specific to… 
Repedea, Maramureș

6. Rohia Monastery Museum Collection

The monastery museum is located in the wooden church "Saint Ana" and brings to the public's attention a collection of over 100 copies of church books, as well as a valuable collection of old icons, painted on wood or glass. In addition to this museu 
Rohia, Maramureș

+40 262 387 605

7. Lăpuș Village Museum Collection - Ruoaia Monastery, Lăpuș Municipality

Lăpuș Village Museum Collection consists of traditional objects and tools, but also clothing pieces wich bears the ethnographic imprint of this area, increasing the attractiveness of the monastery among tourists who want to combine the… 
Lăpuș, Maramureș

+40 767 410 433

8. Museum and Monumental Complex - Doctor Vasile Lucaciu in Șișești

Born in 1852 in Apa village from Satu Mare county, Vasile Lucaciu spent his youth years studying, and later worked as a priest and professor. After he quit the education field, he held the position of parish priest in Șișești village,… 
Șisești, Maramureș

9. Memorial of the Victims of Communism and Resistance

The idea of establishing this Memorial, constitutes "a way to revive the collective memory", that began to materialize in 1993, through the initiative of the Civic Academy Foundation, the proposal of the framework project to the Council of Europe bei 
Sighetu Marmației, Maramureș

+40 262 316 848

10. Museum of Icons and Old Book in Bârsana

This museum is part of the Bârsana Monastery’s ensemble, one of the spiritual landmarks of Maramureș County. The museum was opened in 2005 and exhibits church art and ethnographic collection.  
Bârsana, Maramureș

+40 362 405 552

11. History and Ethnography Museum in Vișeu de Sus

The Ethnography Department is hosted in two rooms. In the first room the occupations of the local people like agriculture, shepherding, work in the woods, processing hemp and wool, popular art and pottery are illustrated with old pictures and wooden  
Vișeu de Sus, Maramureș

12. Baia Mare Museum of Astronomical Sciences

Since 2015, the Astronomical Complex came into possession of the most modern planetarium equipment in the entire country, with the new opto-mechanical stellar projector that allows the greatest clarity of the stellar field.  
Baia Mare, Maramureș

+40 362 401 921

13. The Ethnographic Museum of Maramureș

The Ethnographic Museum presents the life of the peasant from Maramures, the objects being exhibited in different rooms, according to the primary occupations: hunting, gathering, fishing, beekeeping, agro-pastoral occupations, timbering and timber ra 
Sighetu Marmației, Maramureș

+40 362 102 988

14. Ethnographic and Folk Art Museum «The House of Lăpuș»

The house museum was raised between the years 2006-2008 at the initiative of the priest Ioan Chirilă. Although the building is not old it looks like depicted from ancient times due to the traditional architecture, specific to the Lăpuș… 
Rogoz, Maramureș

15. Florean Museum

The open air museum-Florean is the first contemporary art museum from Romania, founded by Victor Florean in 1997, toghether with the artist Mircea Bochis. 
Cernești, Maramureș

+40 262 382 144

16. County Museum of Art «Baia Mare Artistic Center»

"Baia Mare Artistic Centre" County Art Museum houses and presents to the public the works of art that originate from the “Baia Mare Artistic Centre” from 1896 until present. 
Baia Mare, Maramureș

+40 262 213 964

17. Maramureș County Museum of Ethnography and Folk Art

The most beautiful ethnographic museum in Romania, the Ethnography and Folklore County Museum comprises two locations: the Pavilion Section Section that is located in the ex building of Summer Theatre, where one can visit, in two halls, the permanen 
Baia Mare, Maramureș

+40 262 276 895

18. Maramures County Museum of History and Archaeology

The permanent exhibition of this museum extablished in 1904, comprises cultural goods that describe the evolution of this area’s community, from this area, one of the archeological remains dating back in the Bronze Age and others… 
Baia Mare, Maramureș

+40 262 211 924

19. County Mineralogy Museum «Victor Gorduza» in Baia Mare

It is  one of the most important geological profile museums in Romania and it’s the largest regional museum in Europe, many of the exhibits being considered unique in the world's heritage values.  
Baia Mare, Maramureș

+40 262 227 517

20. The Maramureș Museum - History and Archeology Section in Sighetu Marmației

The department of history and natural sciences exhibits objects from the Stone Age and Bronze Age, medieval documents and hunting trophies.  
Sighetu Marmației, Maramureș

+40 362 102 988

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