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1. Wooden church «Saint Nicholas» in Budeşti Josani

Dating back to 1643, the wooden church "Saint Nicholas" in Budeşti Josani was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. 
Budești, Maramureș

2. Wooden church «Holy Mother's Entrance» in Bârsana

Of a particular beauty, the wooden church "Holy Mother's Entrance" in Bârsana is specific to small Maramureș' churches with a double roof. 
Bârsana, Maramureș

3. Wooden church «Saint Paraschiva» in Deseşti

Most specialists dated the wooden church "Saint Paraschiva" in Deseşti in 1770, which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1999.  
Desești, Maramureș

4. Wooden Church in Rogoz

Built in 1663, the church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, being an edifice with complex architecture and rare beauty. 
Rogoz, Maramureș

5. The Secular Forest of Strâmbu-Baiuț

The Secular Forest of Strâmbu-Baiuț were included in a site of community importance, with the main purpose of protecting and preserving virgin and quasi-virgin fir and beech forests, whose age in some cases exceeds 500 years. 
Strâmbu Băiuț, Maramureș

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