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Wooden churches from "Maramures land".
Virtual tours

"The wooden churches represent a small universe of Maramures’ village open and hermetic in the same time. A patrimony so rich and complex, cannot be understood without an effort of attention and sensitivity, curiosity and perseverance, respect and love." (Arch. Alexandru Baboş)
Wooden churches from "Maramures land" – Virtual tours is a cultural project, co-financed by the The National Cultural Found Administration, dedicated to the research and promotion of the wooden churches with a statute of historical monument from "Maramureș Land".

The project took place between 1st of July- 15th of November 2020, was implemented by "Liviu Borlan" Maramureș County Center for Conservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture”, together with eight partners, Maramureș County History and Archeology Museum, Maramures Museum Sighetu Marmației, Maramures County Culture Administration, Baia Mare Philology Faculty, The Architects’ Order of Romania, “ Valea verde” Association, Maramures Tourism Guides- Maramures and The North –West Association for Tourism Promotion and Sustainable Development.
32 wooden churches with the status of historical monument in Maramures Country were the main "characters" of this project, being visited, researched, photographed, (some) filmed, for each of these monuments making virtual tours with 4-7 "station points", concreted in 162 immersive panoramas. The collected materials can be seen through the portal in the section dedicated to Maramures Country: This section enriches the collections of churches that were the protagonists of similar projects carried out in previous years, also from the CJCPCT initiative "Liviu Borlan" Maramureș and also co-financed by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund: Wooden Churches in the Land of Lăpuş. Virtual Tours (2018) and Churches in the Land of the Chioar. Virtual Tours (2019).

What are virtual tours for?

The virtual tour is a tool that allows you to walk online, interactively, through a space (in this case, a Maramureș church), choosing your viewing angle and direction and having at your fingertips only a computer/phone and internet connection, without installing additional apps or programs. Beyond the tourist promotion component, the virtual tour can be an important educational tool, the new generations, heavily technologized, being much more captured to interactive resources than to the classic teaching methods. It is also a useful tool for study, with enthusiasts of Maramureș architecture being able, through these virtual tours, to analyze certain details of wooden churches without moving to each one. Last but not least, as we have seen, virtual tours are useful in the context that we faced in 2020 and that we are still facing, that of the coronavirus pandemic. Many people have cancelled their trips, with the internet becoming an alternative to a lot of activities, including sightseeing.

The traditional component of promotion

Although the project focused on results that were visible almost exclusively online, there is also a traditional component of the promotion: printing (posters and postcards) were made, which were distributed in several key points of the county – tourist information centres, parishes, museums, town halls, tourism associations. But these materials, as classic as they are, have inserted a SCANNED QR code, directing the viewer to the project's website:

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