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Maramureș Museum Heritage Trail

When it comes to the tourist attractions of Maramureș, we can all agree that our county has a generous portfolio that covers most types of tourism. With an initiative of reviving the cultural tourism, Maramureș County Council obtained the recognition of the project "The route of Maramures’ museum heritage” as a cultural tourist route, at regional scale, by the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Tourism.
Recently we received a very good news, that we are anxious to share with you, and it represents the fact that the 34 museums and memorial houses from this route have also been included in the "Cultural tourist route of Romania’s heritage museum" alongside with other well-known objectives from Alba, Caraș Severin, Constanța, Neamț, Satu Mare and Suceava counties.

In Maramures county, the route passes through all the historic regions and promotes a divers museum patrimony, such that we are convinced that even you find yourselves amongst the most pretentious of tourists, you shall be fascinated by the objectives you visit. If you accept our invitation in Maramureș, you must know that you shall start a novel journey, that will pleasantly surprise you, during the 470 km, with unforgettable experiences. Whether you are passionate about history, art, ethnography, astronomy, mineralogy, or simply about all that this area’s rich past represents, you will find the answers to your many curiosities, along this route.

We carefully gathered in this project renowned institutions, but also objectives, that though are not so well known, have the same potential to conquer the hearts of beauty seekers. Naturally, from the route contains emblematic cultural institutions such as: Maramures County Museum of Ethnography and Folklore, History and Archeology Maramures County Museum, "Baia Mare Artistic Centre" County Art Museum, County Mineralogy Museum "Victor Gorduza" - Baia Mare, Baia Mare Astronomical Sciences Museum - Planetarium Baia Mare or The Maramures Museum from Sighetu Marmației. We couldn’t have made this route without remembering those who contributed decisively at our county’s renown, hence the trail we proposed includes memorial houses that honor great personalities among which: George Pop de Băsești, Vasile Lucaciu, Ilie Lazăr, Ion Șugariu, Petofi Șandor or Elie Wiesel. We took care that also the spiritual identity of the county is not forgotten, by including in the route museums such as those from the Bârsana, Rohia or Ruoaia monasteries. And because our ethnographic heritage is extremely rich and abundant we we also included in this route collections that can be admired at The Village Museum "At Home" from Tăuții Măgherăuș, Ethnographic and Folk Art Museum "House of Lăpuș" from Rogoz , Romanian Peasant Woman Museum from Dragomirești, Huțuls’ Museum from Repedea or The Ethnography and History Museum from Vișeu de Sus. We also pride ourselves with unique exhibitions that were realized with the effort of some people with great love for Maramureș, reason for which we recommend you to stop and visit also the Open Air "Florean" Museum from Cernești or the Roots Museum from Borșa.

We must admit that not all that is in the past is pleasant, but it is our duty to keep alive the collective memory even with its sad episodes, like a remembering of the history that we must not admit to repeat itself. In this regard, the Memorial of the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance and the Memorial Ensemble of the Martyrs from Moisei are tourist objectives that cannot be missed.

We know, that as much as we try, we cannot describe in words a heritage, carefully gathered in time, centuries and centuries, but we hope at least that we have managed to awaken your interest for traveling and we can only hope that you shall be eager to walk along the "The trail of Maramures’ museum heritage", part of the "ROMANIA’S MUSEUM HERITAGE CULTURAL ROUTE".

For more information regarding this route or any other questions about Maramures’ tourist potential, we gladly await for you to reach for us at

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Maramureș Museum Heritage Trail

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