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Maramureş - The People and The Kindness

It is very easy for us to talk about the unmatched landscapes of Maramures, about the places that seem to have stuck in time and the unique in the world tourist attractions; but as simple as it may be for us to find the words when we talk about all these, the harder it is to find the expressions when we refer to the people. For our blessed lands would only be empty shapes of cases in the lack of man who, as they say, make the land a Holy one with its presence.

Ask anyone in the whole wide world about the people from Maramureș and you shall learn that they are, above all, the most hospitable of all. But what is truly important is what makes the people from Maramureș worthy of this attribute. For to be always full of joy, one must be fulfilled, happy and proud, as the need to share with others pieces from your life’s blessings comes from a sense of an ample living.

Maramures’ people are simple people, but reach is what spirit and senses are concerned, that have had the wisdom to understand and assume their transitoriness. Therefore, the present leaves room for them only to cherish and be happy, being perceived as a “bridge” that connects the valuable heritage of the past to the future. The source of this way of thinking is their faith, major component of Maramureș’ people’s lives, that is a space of refuge and comfort and also a way to manifest a contentment about everything and everyone.

We wouldn’t even expect it to be otherwise, considering that we are talking here about the land that people connected to heavens by carving their way to Divinity, in wood. In the land where the phrase “God help us!” is used so often that it ended to replace the common “Hello!” it\s easy to perceive that people do not only share with others the elements of earthy life but also the divine gifts.

Although being of rare piety, the people from Maramures know how to party, and that is because they love to meet and also because they love singing, dancing and good cheer. This is why, here, the reasons to celebrate are always many and are always accompanied, naturally, by the local folk creation and by the traditional gastronomy and natural “horinca”, always present on such occasions. But, among us being said, the people from Maramures owe themselves these moments of respite, for their hard worked hands know very well their days’ toil.

Being hardworking people, they never complain nor they say “pass” when it comes to work, for he who has any work to do has also the means to make a living. From this point of view, the nature was also generous with them, providing all the necessary resources. In the rural areas of the county we can still find communities almost self-sustainable, that reward the nature with their care for the land and take from the nature only as much as they need, in order not to endanger the next generations’ access to the natural resources.

The clean food, the active life, the light heart and the specific optimism, all of these ingredients keep the people here healthy and with a witty mind.

About Maramures’ people they also say that they are direct people, “made from one-piece men”, that don’t waste their time with stories that lack in meaning. One shouldn’t understand from this that they don’t like to talk, for their specific language can be heard for hours when they tell stories about their places, people and history, with so much passion that the mind of the listener can clearly depict the universe they describe. But their pride can not only be seen when it comes to their roots but also in the way they keep, preserve and defend their identity. That is why we have the chance to discover in Maramures places that resemble with real time capsules, for the people have chosen to put a shield between the new and the old world, the world of traditions, customs and ancient crafts.

Many things can be said on and on and oh! wouldn’t it be great if the hearts can speak when it comes for the unique people of Maramures, people that you really must meet. They are so easy to recognize by their serene smiles and lightened by wisdom faces, and in holidays by their traditional costumes.

They shall greet you “Good day to you!” instantly, and from then on you shall assist to a simple but precious lesson. About people and kindness, of course!

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