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Traditional Crafts

Sheltered by shady valleys and mountains, the able hands of the people of Maramures gave birth to the art of crafting the bits and pieces of everyday life. Be it household items, decorative objects, tools, they all bear the mark of the Maramures region and its ancestral symbols. From the clay cup and bowl, to the traditional bed throws in the festive room, from the wooden spoon to the imposing wooden gate, they all are the expression of beauty and of the spirituality that characterize the Maramures soul.

Here you can see a list of Maramures craftspeople

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We are in the land of wood, so the primary craft is, of course, wood sculpting.  


 The women of Maramures have been providing their faimilies, houses and churches with textiles woven during the long winter nights.


Since immemorial times, earth, water and fire came alive in the hands of the craftsmen from Maramures. The clay has given birth to recipients of sheer and heathen beauty.


Confecționate din blănuri, piele, pânze, măștile din Maramureș au rolul vrăjitoresc de a împrumuta curaj și însufletire celui ce le poartă.