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Wooden Churches

The history of Maramures is told through the wood of their churches. Along the centuries, the area's foreign rulers did not allow the people living here to build long lasting stone churches, so instead, the local carpenters raised beautiful wooden churches to communicate with God. Wood became their best friend and companion....more ↓
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The wooden church of Barsana, known as the "Holy Mother's Entrance", was originally built in 1720 and later moved to its present location on Jbar Hill in 1806.


The wooden church from Budesti (1643), a world heritage site (UNESCO), is celebrating itself on the Saint Nicholas Day. The beautiful and expressive paintings inside the church were made by Alexandru Ponehalschi, around 1762. The armor helmet and the chain mail shirt of Pintea, a local Robin Hood, are also kept here as an attraction for all visitors.


Desesti, a small village on the Mara Valley, in Maramures has a fine example of the traditional Maramures wooden church. It is named "Pious Paraschiva" and was built in 1770.


The wooden church of Şurdeşti, devoted to the Saint Archaengels Michael and Gabriel, was built in 1721 under the direction of Toma Macarie. The church steeple is among the tallest old wooden structures in the world.