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Mineralogy Museum

Mineralogy Museum in Baia Mare is unlike any other mineralogy museum in the whole world because all of the minerals on display in this museum were sourced from Maramures itself. It is among one of the most popular attractions for tourists in Baia Mare.

The collection of minerals began in 1968 and the museum was officially inaugurated on November 6, 1989. The museum collections were arranged and set up by Mr. Victor Gorduza and Ms. Ecaterina Pop. Mr. Gorduza is also the director of the museum.

The collection consists of over 16,000 samples and out of which, 1175 are on display.

The main exhibition on the ground floor consists of hydrothermal minerals found in the area: galena, sphalerite, calcopyrite, pyrite, stibine, pyrrhotine, marcasite, tetraedrite, semseyite, calcite, rhodochrosite, barytine, gypsum, wolframite, scheelite, vivianite, quartz. There is also a presentation of the ore deposits from locations such as: Borsa, Baiut, Cavnic, Suior, Baia Sprie, Herja, Sasar, Nistru, Ilba, Turt, Razoare.

On the first floor, there is a presentation of the aesthetic samples, known in the area as "mine flowers".

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