11. Outdoor activities

After your hosts have fed you, you will undoubtedly need some exercise. The region of Maramureş will be delighted to reveal its hiking trails, its lakes and rivers, which are perfect for summer bathing, and its ski slopes in winter time (Borşa, Şuior, Mogoşa, Cavnic, Izvoare). Ocna Şugatag, the spa town with salted lakes, is the starting point of Maramureş Greenway, a route which includes both natural and cultural attractions. Cyclists can enjoy tours away from the crowded towns, on village trails flanked by gorgeous landscapes. If you still have some energy left and you crave for a dose of adrenaline, get your karabiners and ropes for a spot of rock climbing at Rooster's Crest or try a session of paragliding. You will feel that Maramureş has great air indeed.

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