16  Februarie street - Dealul Crucii

16 Februarie street - Dealul Crucii

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Degree of difficulty - easy
Minimum equipment - hiking boots
Warnings - do not approach the route accompanied by very young children. Beware of the collapse of old mining galleries in the area. At the top of the descent, watch out for loose stones.
Water sources - there are no drinking water sources in the area
Points of interest - the view from the top of  Dealul Crucii. Depending on the season, wild garlic, mushrooms or chestnuts can be collected here.
Condition of the route - the route consists of forest roads and paths

The route starts from Baia Mare, on 16 Februarie Street. If you are driving, you can leave the car in front of the last house on the right, where the asphalt ends. The road enters the forest and winds its way up. Depending on the season, one can find wild garlic (March-April), mushrooms or chestnuts (late autumn). We continue the climb until we reach a steeper slope, at the top of which we intersect another road. Here you will find a commemorative metal cross. Then we turn left and continue uphill, admiring the ridge of the hill on the left side. Halfway up the hill, the road turns left, entering a level curve. We keep going up this road that leads us under the Dealul Crucii Peak. At one point, when the stone peak of Dealul Crucii appears to our left, we will intersect with a path that climbs steeply to the top, which is used by enduro motorcyclists. Once at the top, one can admire the wonderful panoramic views over the city of Baia Mare, but although we are at the highest point of the route, the most beautiful views are found few tens of meters further, on the ridge facing the city, where is erected a  wooden cross. To descend, we return to the top and start coming down, on a path that descends winding in the opposite direction to the one we used to reach the top. Move with great care and attention to the fellow travelers, because the slope is very steep and there are loose rocks on the ground. After leaving the top behind and the slope becomes easier to walk on, we soon reach an intersection with a road, where we turn right and continue the descent until we reach the road on which we started the route. Here we turn right and go until we reach the 16 Februarie street.

* Map, text and video source: https://Maramureș-bike.ro/

Grad de dificultate

  • Mică


  • 6.76 km


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