Blidari – Tăul lui Dumitru – Poiana Soarelui – Poiana Boului – Șuior

Traseu de bicicletă


Cycling style - Cross-country
Degree of difficulty - intermediate
Minimum equipment - MTB hard tail bike
Points of interest - Tăul lui Dumitru, magnificent views 
Route condition -on the sections Baia Mare - Blidari and Șuior - Baia Mare there are asphalted roads, the rest of the route consists of forest roads
Warnings - the degree of difficulty is not high, but given the length of the route, do not leave without food supplies or unprepared for a few hours of cycling

The route starts from Baia Mare towards Firiza and Blidari, on asphalt, until Blidari hydroelectric power plant, from where the paved road leading to Poiana lui Dumitru begins. We will pass a spring arranged with tables and benches, on the left side of the road, where we can cool off during hot days, then we start heading up, passing the Stur quarry, which is on the right side of the road and we can visit the Stur waterfall, should we go down the valley. We keep going up the main road until we reach bifurcation, where we find a sign that shows us that Poiana lui Dumitru is on the road on the right, but we will turn left, continuing the climb to the top. At the top of the road we will have two more springs from where we can get water. Once up, the road makes a sharp turn to the right and begins a slight descent. We will keep going up this road until we intersect with another road that comes from Poiana lui Dumitru, from where we will take it to the left and we will climb slightly to the top, where we will visit Tăul lui Dumitru. In this area, in addition to the beautiful landscape, one can admire: the carnivorous plant "roua cerului" (Drosera rotundifolia), protected species, or "bumbăcărița" (Eriophorum vaginatum), an ancient plant that grows in such areas. The easiest access is from the road that is 50 m after the sign that points to Tăul lui Dumitru, but the section must be crossed carefully because this road, at some point, turns left in an unmarked place, and the path cannot be clearly identified. From here the road is no longer cycleable, but the final objective is only a few tens of meters ahead. After visiting Tăul lui Dumitru, we will return to the road we came until the intersection where we had made a left earlier, but now we will go straight towards Poiana lui Dumitru until we reach a large intersection, where information panels about these protected areas are installed. Once here we will turn left and go along this road, until a large fork, where we will keep the road on the left. Here we will start a long descent that will take us on the road that connects Runcu with Izvoare. From the intersection with this road we will turn right towards Izvoare. We will make a stop at Brăduț Chalet, where we have access to water from the spring on the right side of the road and we can enjoy a coffee. After going down the road again, we will reach a fork where we will take the left, to immediately reach another fork. Here we will go up to the right, towards the edge of Poienii Soarelui. Once here, we will enjoy the impressive panorama on the right side of the road and we will continue to climb to surround Poiana Soarelui. We follow the road around Poiana Soarelui until we reach a dilapidated wooden house, which will be on the right side of the road. Here we will turn left uphill to reach DN 18, Gutâi Pass. From Gutâi Pass we will turn right to the top at Pintea Inn. From here we will leave the asphalt road behind, going on the path on the left of the road in our direction, which leads to the mobile phone relay and to Poiana Boului - Creasta Cocoșului. We climb until we reach Poiana Boului, where we follow the road until we reach the main road that crosses the glade, from where we will turn right, down to Suior. We follow this road until we reach the paved road, where we will take the right again, we will pass through the former administrative buildings of the mine and we will reach a concrete road, taking us again to DN 18. Once we arrive at the intersection with DN 18, we will turn left towards Baia Sprie and then Baia Mare, to end the tour. 

* Map, text and video source: https://Maramureș

Grad de dificultate

  • Medie


  • 91.74 km


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