Ferneziu –  Vicleanu Peak –  Usturoiului Peak– Feriga Peak – Măgura

Ferneziu – Vicleanu Peak – Usturoiului Peak– Feriga Peak – Măgura

Traseu de bicicletă


Cycling style - All-mountain
Difficulty grade - intermediate 
Minimum equipment - MTB hard tail bike 
Points of interest - views on the route
Route condition- the route is composed, for the most part, of forest roads and trails 
Warnings - beware of descents, because there are sections with moving stones and mud.

The route goes from Baia Mare to Ferneziu where, before the blocks of flats from Ferneziu, we turn left towards Bodi Lake, after which we follow the signs pointing the Bodi Lake. After the asphalt road ends, a rougher climb follows, then an area still in the climb, but softer, and then again a harder climb. Just after the second more difficult climb ends, we follow on the left side an entrance into the forest, which is quite difficult to notice. From the main road we have to climb about 30 m, after which we have to reach a path that descends to another road, which follows the direction of the level curve under Bodi Lake. Once on the level curve, we will enjoy a flat and cool road through the forest. Halfway through this road, after crossing a small stream, we will see a slope on which we will have to push bike for a distance of about 20 m, after which, at the top of it, we will take it to the left and continue the road on the level curve, until we descend into the Vicleanu Valley, on the road that descends to the Drinking Water Plant.

Once we reached the Vicleanu Valley, we take it to the right and climb near the valley to a larger fork, where we take it to the left over the valley and continue our way up, to the top. To reach the top, when we arrive at the fork in the first larger clearing, we will take it to the right and continue to climb a little more, after which the road will take it in a slight descent to the left. We will continue on this road on the ridge of the hill until  we arrive below Dealu Crucii hill, from where we will take it on the right down, to reach the Ferăstrăului Street. Pay attention to this descent, as it is strewn with moving stones and unstable areas. After we pass through the valley and reach the Ferăstrăului Street, we take it to the right up and go through St. John's quarry. In the quarry, when the road bifurcates, we will go on the middle road, and at the next fork, after the quarry, we will hold left, continuing the climb to the Route 66 trail. Once we reach the intersection with Route 66, we will take it to the right, up, and after the first steeper descent, we will climb the first slope and at the top we will take it to the left, to descend to the Usturoiul Valley. From the Ustuoiul Valley we will take it to the right up, following the red signs to the Feriga Trail, until we reach Feriga Peak. From here we will descend on the way that takes it from the top to the right, namely, on the Feriga Trail 2, following the blue signs. We will follow this route until we reach the Red Valley, at Magura. We will descend carefully on the paved road, until we find a bridge on the left side, which we will pass to climb to the Dakar trail, whose last part we will cross to reach The Queen Mary Park (Parcul Regina Maria). 

*Map, text and video source: https://maramures-bike.ro/ 

Grad de dificultate

  • Medie


  • 28.88 km


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