Firiza – Poiana lui Dumitru – Izvoare

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Cycling style - Cross-country 
Minimum equipment - MTB hardtail bike
Warnings - in the area of Poiana lui Dumitru - Izvoare we found bear traces on the forest road 
Water sources - the spring from the Stur Quarry, the spring from the Black Valley (Valea Neagra)
Points of interest - Stur Waterfall, Poiana lui Dumitru
Route condition - the section of the route between Pistruia Trout Farm and Izvoare is crossed on forest roads, the rest of the way on asphalted roads 

The route starts from the Stadium area to Ferneziu, Firiza Dam, Blidari, with a section of asphalt road of about 20 km to Pistruia Trout Farm, a place where the asphalt road ends and the forest road on the Blidari Valley begins. We follow the forest road that slightly ascent on the Stur Valley, reaching the kilometer at the Stur Spring and after another 2 km we reach the Stur Waterfall (the waterfall is located before the place where the forest road makes a hairpin curve to the right and begins the gradual ascent, being hardly visible from the forest road). We go through the forest road passing by three micro-hydropower plants and we reach the confluence of the Sturului Valley with the Poienii Valley (the road to the left to the N leads to the Pleșca Mare Peak, Brazilor Valley, Tăul lui Dumitru) and we continue on the Sturului Valley, passing by the Forest Chalet - Poiana lui Dumitru) (on the right side of the road surrounded by spruce trees). We head to Stedia Pass, avoiding a ditch (made to prevent vehicles from entering the forest road) on the road that turns slightly to the right, crossing a wide glade. We follow the forest road to the place where it bifurcates (the road on the left goes on the Stedea Valley to Runcu, Pleșca Chalet, Mara village) and we take the road on the right, going up to the Pietrele Luncii Peak. Passing under the peak, we start the descent and reach the intersection with the asphalted road, in the area called La Cruce. From the intersection we take it to the right and descend on the asphalt road in Valea Neagra, Firiza, Baia Mare. To shorten the route, you can drive to Pistruia Trout Farm, thus reducing the number of kilometers traveled by half.

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Grad de dificultate

  • Medie


  • 66.56 km


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