Groși - Chechiș - Cărbunari - Cărpiniș – Dumbrăvița

Traseu de bicicletă


Cycling style - Cross-country
Difficulty grade – intermediate
Minimum equipment - MTB bike hardtail
Water sources - village shops
Points of interest - views of the route, borcut mineral water spring from Cărbunari 
Route condition - the route is composed of village roads, mostly unpaved, asphalted transit sections and a short section of forest road

The route starts from Baia Mare to Satu Nou de Jos where, in front of the football field, we leave the main road, turning left. We will climb through the village to a telephone relay, where we will take it to the right and descend into Groși. We will get out of Groși to Ocoliș on the asphalt road, but after we cross the first bridge, halfway through the straight line we will take it to the left up, towards the ridge above the Habra Monastery. We will climb through the orchards to the top and from here we will take it to the left, down, to the gate of the monastery. We will bypass the monastery on the left side, continuing our descent through the orchards until we reach Chechiș. Once in Chechiș, we will cross the bridge, but we will take care not to take it to the right towards Coruia, but we will go forward until we can leave the paved road in the forward direction and continue on a gravel road. We will climb the hill and we will reach Cărbunari, we will descend on the county road that goes to Târgu Lăpuș and we will take it to the left towards Baia Mare, but only for about 150 m, after which we will go out on the right and reach Cărbunari Baths (Băile Cărbunari).

The baths are closed, but we can enter to taste borcut mineral water from the spring located in the courtyard of the baths, after which we will continue to climb up above the Cărpiniș village, which we will bypass on the left side, at the edge of the forest and we will descend to Dumbrăvița. Once in the main street of the village, we will take it to the left and then immediately to the right, to climb and then descend to the foot of the forest from Groși. We will climb through the forest and reach Satu Nou de Sus, from where we will return to Baia Mare.

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Grad de dificultate

  • Medie


  • 45.66 km


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