Herja - Chiuzbaia - Poiana Boului

Traseu de bicicletă


Cycling style - Cross-country 
Difficulty grade - intermediate 
Minimum equipment - MTB hardtail bike 
Points of interest - views from the trail 
Route condition- the route is mostly composed of forest roads and trails
Warnings - pay attention to the descents because there are certain sections with moving stones or wet areas

The route goes from Baia Mare to Ferneziu, and before the railway from the former Romplumb factory we take it to the right, we cross the railway lines and the bridge over the Firiza River to continue our road on the other side of the river, towards Herja. On the climb to Herja, once we get out of the residential area, the road begins to break down. We continue our way to the former administrative buildings of the mine, and when we reach the courtyard we will keep the road that takes it up, through the left side. We climb on this road, which in some places is rocky and washed of water, until we reach Groapele Chiuzbăii, from where we will descend on the road of concrete slabs to Chiuzbaia. Once in Chiuzbaia, we take it to the left, up, we pass the trout farm, and at the top of the hill we take it to the right, slightly descending, until we reach the valley. From here we climb, at first softly, and then more difficulty, until we reach the Limpedea - Iezerele forest road. Once we enter this road, we continue to climb, and after we start the descent we continue carefully so as not to miss the road, where we will turn left and climb again to cross the hill. On the way to the top there is a section of several hundred meters more bouldering where, it is recommended to get off the bike. Arriving at the top, we will keep the road that goes in front, slightly descending and we will have two or three more very short climbs before gradually descending to the road that connects Izvoarele and the Gutâi Pass. From here we will take it to the right, we will climb a short distance, after which we will descend to near the Gutâi Pass, where we will begin to climb to the top at the Pintea Inn. From the top we will take the road on the left in our direction of travel and we will climb to Poiana Boului. After we descend into the glade, a few tens of meters before we intersect with the road that crosses the glade by Șuior, we will turn immediately to the right, down, through the middle of the glade and paying attention as the vegetation and stones here are troublesome. We will keep this road which, except for two or three short ascents, descends near the lower parking lot of the Șuior Complex. Once in the paved road, we will take it down to the right and reach the intersection with DN18, after which we will take it to the left. We will pass through Baia Sprie and Tăuții de Sus to get back to Baia Mare. 

*Map, text and video source: https://maramures-bike.ro/

Grad de dificultate

  • Medie


  • 46.13 km


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