The Ocna Şugatag Resort

The Ocna Şugatag Resort


Ocna Șugatag 437205, Romania

In Ocna I stopped and I love where I’ve arrived!

Ocna Șugatag is one of the two tourist resorts of national interest in Maramureș County and a place that we, the people of Maramureș, are proud of. Why? Because it is a suitable destination in any season and it is located in the heart of Historic Maramureș or, as we say, "over the hill", in a fairytale-like area.

Here you will find chloride-sodium water used to treat a wide range of ailments, but also many reasons for an unforgettable stay. The spa resort is home to Lake Gavril, famous for its anthropomorphic shape, but also for the fact that at the top it has a layer of fresh water, and at the bottom a layer of salt water. It covers an area of ​​more than two hectares, it has a depth of about 30 m, and was formed by the collapse of a salt mine, over 60 years ago. Although the outdoor swimming season is not yet open, it is still worth going for a walk to the lake, enjoying the tranquility, scenery and sunshine that let you know that spring is officially here and that it will only leave when it will be replaced by the milder and long-awaited summer.

If you love nature and want to discover more of the natural richness of the area, dare to venture into the heart of the Royal Forest (Pădurea Crăiască), a protected natural area where you can see outstanding specimens of oak, sessile oak and larch. The old forest is reminiscent of the power of unbridled nature, which rewards human non-intervention by creating and maintaining a universe whose laws, often misunderstood, redefine peace, beauty and perfect symbiosis. In order to discover the Royal Forest, you can follow the route marked with a blue dot, which offers a short journey back in time, on a soundtrack orchestrated by the more than 50 species of birds that have found shelter among the ancient trees.

Exercise and fresh air will stir your appetite, but this is not a problem because, in Maramureș, no one goes hungry. In Ocna Șugatag you can enjoy delicious traditional dishes, prepared from fresh products. The cheeses from the local sheepfolds are the secret behind the flawless polenta and pies, without which the culinary journey throughout the county would not be complete.

After a busy day, you can relax in the warm, salty waters found in the spa areas of the accommodation units in the resort. And for those of you who can't get enough of the fresh air, a bath in the traditional hot water tub is a great way to recharge your batteries. Yes, we can confirm that you will need energy so that you can discover the other attractions in the area, located a stone's throw away, in the villages of Șugatag, Breb, Budești, Călinești, Săpânța or in the town of Sighetu Marmației. Are you ready to go? We are waiting for you, beyond the gate, in the hearth of ancestral traditions.

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