Breb 333

Breb 333

Camere de închiriat / Casă tradițională


About the house
This is a historical wooden house typical for this region. As we succedeed to restore the house carefully and maintain its original look, when staying here you get this feeling of secretly living in a village museum. During summertime, this guesthouse is naturally chilled due to traditional materials used which are well adapted to the proportions of the house.

The house has 1 double bed. If you reserve this house, you will have the house to yourself. You might share the yard should the other house happens to be booked.

Important to know:

Our houses are among the very few well preserved and 100% authentic in this area. As they are known as the houses of HRH Prince Charles and their reputation is quite unique, people passing by are keen on visiting them. Please keep the gate locked on the inside at all times; this will secure your privacy and prevent unexpected visitors in your yard. 

Our guesthouse Breb 333A, in Maramureș

Breb is one of the most visited traditional villages in the area. The good news is that our houses are located near the center yet in a quiet part of the village, so you can relax and sleep well at night.

Food in Maramureș is known to be more than good and Ileana, the lady taking care of the house, takes local gastronomy to a whole new level. Don’t miss the opportunity to try it every time you can. The ingredients are local and she is very talented.

People from Maramureș love wood. This is why they craft most of their objects to be used in and around the house from wood. And then this is why their beautiful gates and fences, their famous wooden churches that are part of UNESCO heritage and, above all, their houses are made of solid wood. Traditional wooden structures from Maramureș don’t use steel nails and local people take pride in having their special way of working with wood. Breb 333B is such a traditional wooden house from Maramureș and is more than 100 years old.

The moment you pass through this traditional gate, you are traveling back in time. Old handmade embroideries decorate floors and walls and traditional details flourish in every corner. Funny objects which used to populate human lives one century ago are to be found everywhere. Natural light invades the space and time as we know it stops ticking. The interior  makes you think of quiet evenings with no internet connection where the family used to sit around, talk, eat and rest.

Each morning, the smell of wild field flowers surrounds you while you start your day.

House address: 333, Breb, Maramureș

House facilities: one double bedroom, one bathroom, shared garden, parking space and one tiny extra bed for your kid (if needed). Very close to this house we have another traditional, authentic house, which features 3-4 extra places.

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