Maramureș Museum Heritage Trail

Rută cultural - turistică


Our county welcomes culture lovers with a consistent potential, revealing to them a rich museum heritage. From open-air museums, which restore the image of the village of Maramureș from the old days, to those  speaking of history, art, astronomy, natural sciences and mineralogy or the memorial houses, carrying on the memory of local great personalities, Maramureș represent a true paradise for the amateurs of this type of tourism. The Museum of Ethnography and Folk Art of Maramureș, the Museum of Mineralogy "Victor Gorduza" Baia Mare, the Memorial to the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance or the Elie Wiesel Memorial House are just a few such institutions, proof of the  rich heritage of these lands.

"Maramureș Museum Heritage Trail" has been recognized as a cultural tourist route in 2020, including 34 museums and memorial houses from the entire County of Maramureș, namely:

  1. Maramureș County  Museum of Ethnography and Folk Art
  2. Maramureș County  Museum of History and Archaeology
  3. The County  Museum of Art << Baia Mare Artistic Center>>
  4. Butchers' Bastion
  5. Stephen's Tower
  6. County Museum of Mineralogy "Victor Gorduza" Baia Mare
  7. Museum of Astronomic Sciences Baia Mare
  8. Village Museum "Home" (Acasă)
  9. Totfalusi Kis Miklós Museum
  10. "Ion Şugariu" Memorial House
  11. "George Pop de Băseşti" Memorial Museum
  12. Teleki Castle - Petofi Sándor Museum
  13. Florean Museum
  14. The museum collection of the Rohia Monastery
  15. Ethnographic and Folk Art Museum "Casa Lăpușeană"
  16. Lăpuş Village Museum Collection - Ruoaia Monastery
  17. Museum and Monumental Complex "Dr. Vasile Lucaciu"
  18. Born and Papp Museum
  19. "Dr. Ilie Lazar" Memorial House
  20. Maramureș Village Museum
  21. Maramureș Ethnographic Museum 
  22. Maramureș Museum - Department of History - Archaeology
  23. Maramureș Museum - Department of Natural Sciences
  24. Memorial to the Victims of Communism and the Resistance
  25. "Elie Wiesel" Memorial House
  26. Department of History of Culture - Memoirs - Art - House Museum Dr. Ioan Mihalyi de Apşa
  27. "Stan Ioan Pătraș" Memorial House
  28. Museum of icons and old book "Bishop Gavril of Bârsana"
  29. Pleş Peasant Museum
  30. Museum of the Romanian Peasant Woman
  31. The Collection of the Hutsuls of Maramureş
  32. Museum of History and Ethnography, Vișeu de Sus
  33. The Memorial Ensemble of the Martyrs from Moisei
  34. Roots Museum

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