Mogoșa Mountain Rescue Base (Salvamont)


The Salvamont Mogoșa Chalet is located in Baia Sprie, on strada George Coşbuc nr. 126, in the immediate vicinity of Lake Bodi – Mogoşa.

The chalet is endowed with special technical equipment for rescue, climbing (carabiners, dynamic and static ropes, locks, cordelins, pulleys), uniforms and work equipment of mountain rescuers (skis, ski boots, winter and summer clothing), communication system, a first aid point, equipped with sanitary consumables and medical rescue equipment (defibrillators, cervical collars, splints) to accommodate the injured persons until the arrival of ambulances,  specific professional equipment, 1 UTV, winch and UT stretchers for rescue, medical trailers, etc.

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