Șatra Pintii Mount

Șatra Pintii Mount

The Holy Mountain of Maramureș is famous in the area for its miracle-working springs, the outlaw legends and its caves full of treasures. Some believe that its truncated pyramid shape is not natural but was built by angels, especially since it looks the same from any angle one would watch. However, geologists confirm that it is a geological formation of volcanic origin.

According to local legends, the famous outlaw Pintea  the Brave (Pintea Viteazul) and his fellas once lived on Mount Satra. Son of a nobleman, Pintea  the Brave would rebel against the nobility and fight for the rights of ordinary people in Maramureș.

On Mount Șatra, the name of the outlaw was given to both Pintea’s Spring (Izvorul lui Pintea) and Pintea’s Well (Fântâna lui Pintea). Șatra Monastery was erected next to the spring, and Șatra Hermitage (or Șătrița) was built next to the fountain. Pintea's Spring is just one of the healing springs on the mountain. Every drop of water that comes down the mountain slopes has healing powers. Regarding Pintea's Fountain, it is said that on certain days "water looked like butter" and it had the power to cure any disease of those using it.

The treasures gathered by Pintea and his outlaws are said to be hidden in a cave in the heart of the mountain. Pintea's cave opens only on the night of the Resurrection, and the one who enters can leave only one year later. 

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