Nature in Maramureș

Nature in Maramureș

Regardless of the season, the nature of Maramureș puts on a new coat, giving birth to landscapes that remain imprinted in the mind and soul of the visitor, forever. This corner of the country abounds in viewpoints, which perfectly compliment the beauty left by God, and the natural sights found here reinforce the uniqueness with which this county was endowed. Blue Lake, Horses Waterfall, Pietrosul Rodnei Peak, the Secular Forests or Lăpuș Gorge are just a few masterpieces that evoke the greatness of nature and are waiting to be discovered by visitors from all over the world.


We cannot remain indifferent to this season of rebirth when, along with the trees, people seem to flourish as well. And it seems like there is no purer joy than seeing everything come to life around us.

If you are planning a trip through Maramureș during this period, we will say, without a doubt, that you will not be disappointed. There is something specific to the beginning of spring in Maramureș, which feeds the souls and cleanses the minds of worries. The Blue Lake offers the most beautiful chromatic spectacle this season, and the Horses Waterfall is more spectacular than ever, due to the increased water flow. Equally satisfying to your souls will be the expanses covered by the gentle spring crocus flowers, which you can discover in March and April. Even the famous "Săpânța blue" is enhanced by this season’s grandeur. And because it is a good time for spiritual cleansing, we suggest that you include the iconic wooden churches in your itinerary. All this, accompanied by the humming sound of nature, the fresh air, the raw green and, with a little luck, the shy sun of spring, invite you to our home. Here, in our home, in Maramureș, spring is like a fairytale!


You have to taste from the gift offered by the gentle summer mornings in Maramureș, see how the shy sun embraces the dewy expanses that shine under its healing rays and listen to how the creatures announce their awakening, one by one, in a pleasant bustle. What about the fresh smell that subtly perfumes the day that is just beginning?! In summer, Maramureș County is more effervescent than ever, and this is partly because the householders compete to ensure what they need for the cold season, and visitors take the tourist areas by storm, which they prefer to discover during this particular season. Hiking trails, leisure areas and the main treasures of nature have the most spectators in the warm season.


When the summer softens, nature wears its most spectacular coat. Autumn in Maramureș poses casually for those who want to immortalize the chromatic show. It's hard to say who the stars of autumn are when it comes to natural attractions, because wherever there is a deciduous forest or a grassy area, we have a spectacle of colors and shades, from yellow to copper, orange, red, brown and even violet. Although the rainy days of autumn tend to keep us in the shelter of our houses, with a cup of hot tea in hand, the sunny days of this season are the most suitable for exploring the natural environment. It is not in vain that autumn is called the season of abundance.


The areas covered by the white snow cloak announce one thing: it's worth coming to Maramureș! The winter holidays are a serious competition for the summer season, when Maramureș is full of tourists. The customs and traditions of this period promise a journey through time, the frozen landscapes invite you to discover them, and the numerous possibilities for practicing winter sports make Maramureș the perfect winter destination.

If you love Maramureș, but you are not necessarily a fan of winter sports, you can enjoy nature and the fresh air, but also taste a glass of horincă (plum brandy), as you can find only here. Also, some of the tourist routes are practicable in winter as well, but you must keep in mind that with the cold season, their degree of difficulty increases. We can only admit that Maramureș looks beautiful from anywhere, but especially from the heart of the mountains.
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