The Horses Waterfall

Atracție naturală


Borșa, Romania


The beautiful waterfall offering an unsurpassed spectacle is located on the northern slope of the Rodna Mountains, revealing several steps with successive falls. At an altitude of 1300 meters and with a total length of 90 meters, the waterfall that flows on the spectacular abrupt called "Horses Bridge" (Podul Cailor) is the longest in Romania.

In addition to the fairytale landscape, the mystical air of the Horses Waterfall is also enhanced by the three legends which were created about it. The first of these legends relates the name of the waterfall to a herd of horses, sent to these lands from the other realm. According to the second legend, the name of the waterfall refers to a herd of wild horses which, being chased by numerous bears in the area, would fall into the deep abyss. The third legend recalls the turbulent period of the 1700s, marked by the invasion of the Tartars. It is said that in order to escape the wrath of the invaders, the most beautiful horses of the community would have thrown themselves into the abyss, originally the waterfall was formed from the tears of the people in Borșa, who mourned the animals lost for a long time afterwards.

Access to this veritable masterpiece of nature is made available from several directions, the easiest being with the chairlift, from the Borșa Tourist Complex.

For additional information: 
Borșa National Centre for Tourist Information and Promotion
Phone: +40 262 343 973

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