Maramureş - People and humanity

It is very easy for us to talk about the unparalleled landscapes of Maramureș, about the places frozen in time and the unique tourist objectives in the world, but as simple as we find our words when describing all this, it is difficult for us to find the right  words when we refer to people. For our blessed realms would be just empty cases in the absence of man who, as they say, the man sanctifies the place.

However big the world would be, if you ever ask someone about the Maramureș natives, you will find out that they are, firstly, the most hospitable of all. But what is really important is actually what makes the Maramureș people worthy of this characteristic. In order to be eternally happy hosting guests, people must be fulfilled, happy and proud, as the need to share with others glimpses of your life blessings arises from the feeling of a decent living. The Maramureș natives are simple people, but rich in spirit and feelings, who had the wisdom to understand and assume their temporality. Therefore, for them, the present leaves no room but for appreciation and joy, it is perceived as a bridge built to bind to the future the valuable legacy of the past. Faith represents the source of this way of thinking, being an essential component of the life of Maramureș people, which is both a space of refuge and comfort, as well as  the manifestation of gratitude for all and everything. Nor would we expect it to be otherwise, considering that it is about the realm bound to heaven by the people, carving in the wood their path to divinity. In the place where the phrase "God help!" is uttered so often that it has come to replace the common greeting, it is easy to understand that people do not share with others only the elements of worldly life, but also the divine gift. Although of a particular piety, the people of Maramureș also know how to throw a party, and that's because they love to reunite, and at the same time they love to sing, to play and appreciate the good humor. It just so happens that here the holiday motifs flow relentlessly and are accompanied, naturally, by the local folklore creation, but also by the traditional dishes and the famous horinca, always present at such events. Between us be it, the people of Maramureș owe such opportunities for respite, because only their worked hands know the toil of their days. But, being hardworking by nature, the native people of Maramureș do not complain or leave no stone unturned when it comes to work, as the one who works, also has everything to live. From this point of view, nature was also generous to the people of Maramureș, providing them with the necessary resources. In the rural areas of the county we still find almost self-sustainable communities, which reward the fruitfulness of the land through immeasurable care and take from nature only as much as they need, so as not to jeopardize the access of future generations to natural resources. The clean food, the active life, the light heart and the specific optimism, all these ingredients keep the people here healthy and quick-witted. 

About Maramureș people it is also said that they are direct, "one piece" people, who do not waste their time with meaningless stories. It should not be understood, however, that they do not like talking, as their voice can be heard for hours when they talk about their places, nation or  history, with so much pathos that the listener's mind unfolds the film of the universe  described by them.

But not only from words one can see they are proud of their origin, but also from the way they preserve, maintain and defend everything related to their identity. That is why we have the opportunity to discover places in Maramureș, that resemble genuine capsules of time, because people have chosen to put a screen between the new world and their world, that of traditions, customs and ancestral crafts.

There would be a lot more to say and it would be good if the hearts could speak when it comes to the peerless people from Maramureș, whom you must meet. They are easily recognizable by their serene smiles and faces lit up by wisdom, and on holidays, by the unmistakable wear. They will give you the "Good day!" before you know it and thereafter you are going to witness a simple and precious lesson. Naturally, about people and humanity.

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