Sneak peek Maramureș top attractions

Here are some reasons to visit Maramureș and invite you to travel to infinity in the land of traditions and authenticity.
  • Skiing in Maramureș

    Skiing in Maramureș

    The ski slopes and landscapes complimented by the snow white make Maramureș County an ideal destination in the cold season.
  • 12 reasons to visit Maramureș

    12 reasons to visit Maramureș

    We present 12 reasons to visit Maramureș, a land with infinite natural, cultural and spiritual richness.
  • Mocănita of the Vaser Valley

    Mocănita of the Vaser Valley

    The Vaser Valley steamtrain “Mocănița” takes us on a journey as it was almost a century ago, when the old locomotive was built.
  • The Secular Forest

    The Secular Forest

    The secular forest of Strambu-Baiuț, part of UNESCO's World Heritage Site, includes forests whose age exceeds as many as 500 years.
  • Happy Cemetery

    Happy Cemetery

    The Happy Cemetery with its famous crosses is a unique place in the world, where the folk craft is combined with painting, sculpture and poetry.
  • Horses’ waterfall

    Horses’ waterfall

    Horses’ waterfall, the largest waterfall in Romania, rewards its visitors with a veritable spectacle of nature.
  • Tour of Maramureș Wooden churches

    Tour of Maramureș Wooden churches

    "Tour of Maramureș wooden churches" includes 16 architectural monuments, part of the national and world cultural heritage.
  • Bârsana Monastery

    Bârsana Monastery

    Bârsana Monastery is a beloved pole of spirituality and a reference point for the Maramureș’ Christian tradition.
  • Museum Heritage Road

    Museum Heritage Road

    The cultural-tourist route "Museum Heritage Road of Maramureș" comprises 34 museums and emblematic memorial houses for our county.


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Make it easier to plan your travel itinerary and sail among the most famous sights in Maramureș County.
Wooden churches

Wooden churches

Explore the "Tour of Maramureș wooden churches", a route that encompasses 16 sites of worship, monuments of popular architecture.
The Green Road

The Green Road

If you are passionate about hiking or a user of non-motorized means of transport, go directly from the "Green Road" map and the sights found on this route.
Tourist information

Tourist information

Get access to the contact details of local and national tourist information centres in Maramureș County.
Skiing in Maramureș

Skiing in Maramureș

Visit this section dedicated to winter sports lovers and discover information on the characteristics of the ski slopes in the county.
Local Legends

Local Legends

Give a mystical touch to your trip to Maramureș County and explore the fantastic stories deeply rooted in the essence of communities, all embedded in a dedicated section within the app.

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Gateway to tradition
About Maramures, corner of the Northwest part of Romania, has often been said to be a land forgotten by time, with wooden churches and ancient customs.

Those who have already visited him no longer ask themselves "why Maramureş?", because the memories and stories they have returned home with speak for themselves. Perhaps only those who have not seen it need more reasons, so the Maramureș County Council gives you twelve reasons to visit the wonderful land detached from the fairy tales of the ancestors, contained in a material made by the Tourism Bureau of the Maramureș County Council, for the web page
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