The "George Pop de Băsești" Memorial Museum

The "George Pop de Băsești" Memorial Museum

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Băsești 437030, Romania


The "George Pop de Băsești" Memorial Museum was first opened to the public in 1976. Arranged right inside the architectural masterpiece that was erected between 1885-1890 and which belonged to the President of the Grand National Assembly in Alba Iulia, George Pop de Băsești, the memorial museum was recently restored and reintroduced into the sightseeing tour. For about three decades great political figures of the time met at the residence of George Pop's family, including: Vasile Lucaciu, Vasile Goldiș, Ion Rațiu, Nicolae Iorga, Nicolae Filipescu, Iosif Vulcan, Vasile Braniște, Iuliu Maniu, Teodor Mihali and others. 

Inside the memorial museum, visitors can discover the documentary-historical exhibition "George Pop de Băsești and the Great Union of Romanians", which emphasizes the importance of the illustrious political leader in the fight for national unity, but also pieces of furniture and antiques, which recreate the ambiance of the times when the leader of the Great Union put all its knowledge and skill in the fight for the rights of the Transylvanians. Among the valuable pieces exhibited here, some have been found in the patrimony of the Museum of History and Archeology of Maramureș. The collection was completed by the joint effort of other museums in Cluj, Sălaj and Satu Mare, as a result of which the institution's patrimony was enriched with numerous relevant materials, related to the name of this prominent figure of the Transylvanian intellectuality.

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