„Dr. Ilie Lazăr” Memorial House

„Dr. Ilie Lazăr” Memorial House

Muzeu / Obiective turistice


Born in 1895, Ilie Lazăr distinguished himself as a lawyer and, above all, as a politician. He fought in the First World War, after which he was a member of the Romanian National Party in Hungary and Transylvania and then a deputy on behalf of the National Peasant Party. Dr. Ilie Lazăr is one of the historical personalities from these lands who contributed to the accomplishment of the Great Union, being delegated to the Great National Assembly in Alba Iulia. The memorial house from Giulești is also related to the historical period of the Great Union, here being summoned the members of the Maramureș delegation who then signed the union of Maramureș with Wallachia. The building, which is a monument of traditional architecture, was erected in 1826 and originally belonged to the Greek Catholic archpriest Vasile Mihalyi, and was later inherited by the Lazarus family. The house with oak soles and walls made of spruce beams combined in a "blockbau" system respects the traditional Maramures typology. Those who cross the threshold of the boyar house with six rooms will discover documents, photographs and manuscripts from the Union period, as well as an exhibition of local ethnography.

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