1. Superlative Sceneries

As soon as you pass through the "Maramureş gate", amazing landscapes enchant the eye: forest-covered mountains lined with rivers and streams, green hills and pastures interspersed with friendly haystacks, serene lakes, springs, and waterfalls, exceptional floral species, all waiting to be captured by your camera. With one national park, one natural park – which is the largest in Romania –, and many other protected areas, the landscape of Maramureş is wealthy: Pietrosu Rodnei, Creasta Cocoşului (Rooster's Crest), Cheile Lăpuşului (Lăpuș Gorge), to mention but a few, are a delight to the eye, pleading as convincingly as folk lyrics do when the people of Maramureş describe their land: "Maramureş, land of flowers / In holy days you're full of wonders" ("Maramureş plai cu flori / Mândru eşti în sărbători").

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