5. Life in the Countryside

It has been said that the villages of Maramureş stand for the soul of rural life in Romania and a spot of tranquillity for the tourist tired of urban agglomeration, crowds, and noise. Visiting Maramureş provides the opportunity of leaping back into time to an era of simplicity and the archaic. Activities which are part of a daily routine for the Maramureş villager have a certain charm for the tourist who comes visiting from places far away. The first thing which enchants such a tourist is the friendly host, welcoming them with a warm and hearty traditional meal. Watching work done in the field, feeling the smell of fresh cut grass, wood fragrances, the taste of fresh milk, enjoying carriage or sledge rides, and a relaxing sleep are just a few of the region’s ingredients the tourist falls in love with. And, since guesthouses are found all over Maramureş, all that is left for you to do is decide where you would like to stay.

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