The "Stan Ioan Pătraș" Memorial House

The "Stan Ioan Pătraș" Memorial House

Muzeu / Obiective turistice


The modest wooden house reproduces the unmistakable style of the master cross-maker, who made the name of Maramureș known throughout the world. The carpenter Stan Ioan Pătraș was only 14 years old when he started to transform pieces of oak into works of art, perfecting his style over time. Thus, the crosses he sculpted were no longer reminiscent of dull funerary monuments, his art combining folk craft with painting, sculpture and poetry. The vivid colors, the sculpted figures, but also the famous epitaphs that speak ironically about the fate of the dead, adorn more than 700 crosses made by Stan Ioan Pătraș. In addition to the famous crosses with epitaphs, the artist left behind other sculpted objects, as well as numerous painted icons. The tourist objective that pays homage to the life of the folk craftsman is located just a few hundred meters from the Merry Cemetery and consists of the house, the stable and the workshop in the yard, which belonged to the most famous artist of Săpânța. Inside the house you can see the specific furniture, along with household textiles, but also a significant collection of objects crafted with care and skill by Stan Ioan Pătraș himself. The story of the craftsman is carried forward not only by the works that bear his mark, but also by his successor, Dumitru Tincu Pop, who continues his work, restoring old crosses and creating new ones, in the same "Săpânța blue", according to artistic canons passed down from his master.

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