Lăpuş Village Museum Collection - Ruoaia Monastery

Lăpuş Village Museum Collection - Ruoaia Monastery

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The Lăpuş Village Museum Collection is part of the Ruoaia Monastery ensemble, a monastic settlement that enriches the spirituality of the Maramureș lands. The church tradition of the place where the monastery is found today goes back all the way to 1315, when there was another monastic ensemble here, which would be destroyed more than three centuries later. The foundation stone of Ruoaia Monastery was laid in 1995, on the same protected area from where the old monastery would watch over the people of Lăpuș. The Lăpuş Village Museum Collection consists of traditional objects and tools, but also clothing that exemplifies the ethnographic style of this area, increasing the attractiveness of the monastery among tourists, eager to combine the spiritual experience with a cultural one. This monastery includes a Maramureș-style church, a chapel, a summer altar and the cells, which offer generous number of accommodation places. The nuns who worked hard to create this slice of heaven managed to set up a workshop of embroidery, fabrics and carpets.

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