The Maramureș County Museum of History and Archeology

The Maramureș County Museum of History and Archeology

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Strada Monetăriei 1-3, Baia Mare 430406, Romania


The Maramureș County Museum of History and Archeology is a public cultural institution with a long tradition in the cultural life of the county. It was originally founded in 1904, under the name of Baia Mare City Museum. Since 2006, it has been operating under the name County Museum of History and Archeology, having its headquarters within the Mint Office building, which was included in the list of historical monuments. In addition to this location, the museum also comprises the Butchers' Bastion, another emblematic objective of the city of Baia Mare. The permanent exhibition of the Maramureș County Museum of History and Archeology includes cultural items describing  the evolution of the communities in this area, some of the archeological vestiges dating back to the Bronze Age and others from the medieval or modern period. Visitors have the opportunity to discover over 1500 pieces that reconstruct the mining history of this area, from tools and means of transport, to documents and photographs. Also, one should not miss the collection of clocks exhibited in the museum, which includes about 300 exhibits, with an invaluable cultural and scientific value. This "journey" takes visitors through various and interesting items of all types and sizes, which have served several purposes over time: tower clocks, table clocks, pocket watches, wall pendulums and more.

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