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Strada Doctor Ioan Mihalyi de Apșa, Sighetu Marmației 435500, Romania


The historical monument building where the great jurist, historian and academician Dr. Ioan Mihalyi of Apşa lived and created his valuable writings, reveals a double exhibition role. On the  ground floor, an Art Gallery of the Maramureș Museum has been arranged, inside which the works of great artists from Sighetu Marmației are exhibited, as well as works belonging to famous schools, from the country or abroad. An exhibition of local history and culture can be visited on the first floor of the building, as well as the museum-house set up in memory of Dr. Ioan Mihalyi of Apşa, open to the public since 1984. Ioan Mihalyi dedicated himself to researching and collecting medieval documents of Romanians from Maramureș, his efforts being included in the famous work "The History of Maramureș County, volume I, Maramureș Diplomas from the 14th and 15th century". Maintaining an air of antiquity which carries visitors into the past, the memorial house preserves the ambiance of the times when it hosted the meetings of the Association for the Culture of the Romanian People from Maramureş, also serving as headquarters for the "Dragoşiana" Reading Society. Here, one can also visit the library of the Association for the Culture of the Romanian People, as well as impressive collections of memoirs. 

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