The "Ion Șugariu" Memorial House

The "Ion Șugariu" Memorial House

Muzeu / Obiective turistice


Strada 80, Băița, Romania


The hero-poet, Ion Șugariu, was born in 1914 in Băița and has distinguished himself throughout his life by his important publishing activity, highlighted by his collaboration with well-known publications, at national level. His debut poem, "Hymn to youth", was published in 1934 in the "Observatorul" magazine. During his university studies at the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy, he was appointed President of the Refugee Students Association. During the Second World War, Ion Șugariu was forced to give up his career in order to serve his country, initially as a reserve officer of a training school, and later as a member of an Infantry Regiment. The poet passed away during the horrors of war in Czechoslovakia, where he had remained, after being sent to Hungary in 1944. He left behind an important wartime manuscript, a diary describing the emotional impact of the battlefield experience. The house that today bears his name was donated to the state in 1976 by Floarea Șugar and was in the patrimony of the Maramureș County Museum until 2008, when it entered into the administration of the Local Council of Tăuții-Măgherăuș. Those who visit the small parental home of the talented poet and journalist have the opportunity to discover, in one of the rooms, documents, letters and manuscripts describing the author's life, and in the second room, a decoration specific to the traditional homes of miners in this area.

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