The County Museum of Art " Baia Mare Artistic Center"

The County Museum of Art " Baia Mare Artistic Center"

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Strada 1 Mai 8, Baia Mare 430331, Romania


The County Museum of Art " Baia Mare Artistic Center" is an institution that brings to the attention of art lovers the art created in the Baia Mare Artistic Center, ever since 1896, when it was under the careful guidance of the painter and pedagogue Simon Hollósy. Works belonging to over 3000 visual artists from the country and abroad are today part of the generous heritage of the institution, including paintings, graphic works, sculptures, decorative art and photography. The artistic colony founded in Baia Mare more than a century ago has a unique character, strengthened by the continuity of this guild to this day. Many renowned artists have refined their talents here, becoming part of avant-garde movements and exhibiting their creations along with famous names in the field. Approximately 4,500 artifacts, as well as a generous documentary collection (documents, photographs, catalogs, prints, negatives, medals, graphic works) complete the collections of the County Museum of Art "Baia Mare Artistic Center". In addition to the works that bear the artistic print of the Baia Mare colony of artists, which constitute 95% of the museum's fund, in the museum one can admire other exhibits of modern Romanian art, but also works that restore the European art route across two centuries, respectively from the 18th to the 20th century. The museum has been operating in the current building since 1984, but the construction dates back to 1748, initially serving as the headquarters of the Maramureș Salt Office, later becoming private property.

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