The Florean Museum

The Florean Museum

Muzeu / Obiective turistice


Cernesti, Romania


The Florean Museum is the first private museum of contemporary art in Romania, and boasts a unique monumental sculpture park, located in a meadow that stretches over more than 40 hectares. The Florean Museum was founded in 1997, through a combined effort of the entrepreneur Victor Florean and of the artist Mircea Bochiș. The limestone, andesite or marble statues have come to compliment the landscape of "Sun Meadow" ("Poiana Soarelui") so beautifully, that they seem to have always belonged there. The collections of the Florean Museum have grown over time, comprising nowadays more than 10,000 pieces of contemporary art, signed by artists from several continents. In addition to its valuable heritage, the Florean Museum is also famous for its commendable initiatives to promote young talent. Annually, the institution implements three such initiatives, namely: the Cărbunari sculpture camp, the International Small Engraving Salon and the International Experimental Film Festival. The sculpture camp from Cărbunari has a unique nature considering that all the works are designed to fit into the landscape of the sculpture park, where they are eventually installed at the end of the event.

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