The Museum and Monumental Complex "Dr. Vasile Lucaciu"

The Museum and Monumental Complex "Dr. Vasile Lucaciu"

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250, Șișești 437325, Romania


The Museum and Monumental Complex "Dr. Vasile Lucaciu" evokes one of the historical figures who had a considerable contribution to the achievement of the Great Union. He was also a signatory of the Memorandum demanding that Romanians in Transylvania be given equal rights to ethnic Hungarians. Born in 1852 in Apa locality, Satu Mare County, Vasile Lucaciu dedicated his youth to his studies, later becoming a priest and a teacher. After resigning from education, starting with the summer of 1885, he held the position of parish priest in Șișești, becoming more active on the political scene. In the next three decades Vasile Lucaciu distinguished himself as a prominent political figure, militant for the union of Transylvania with Romania and a great supporter of the interests of all Romanians. After an illustrious career, he passed away in 1922, being buried in Șișești on December 1st, four years after the Great Union. The museum complex inaugurated in 1968, dedicated to the "Lion of Șișești", now includes the following: the parish house, which served for three decades as a residence for the Lucaciu family, the school where he taught, the Church of the Holy Union of All Romanians with VasileLucaciu's tomb, the Gathering place, the Spring of the Mother of the Romanians from Șișești, the stone columns for the statues of Trajan and Decebalus, the altar of the old wooden church and the library of the Lucaciu family. In the valuable library, which contains approximately 15,000 volumes, there are documents that describe the activity and personality of Vasile Lucaciu. Also, the patrimony of the museum complex also includes photographs, documents and original pieces of furniture, from the years when this spokesman of the Great Union fought tirelessly for the welfare of Romanians.  

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