The museum collection of the Rohia Monastery

The museum collection of the Rohia Monastery

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Aleea Mănăstirii 18, Rohia 435612, Romania


St. Anne - Rohia Monastery has a very valuable museum ensemble. The place of worship located in the heart of Maramureș is one of the places that carry the greatest spiritual load, a magnificent example of church traditions in these lands. Every year, thousands of visitors from all over the world visit Rohia Monastery, a destination that reveals a rich religious and cultural heritage. The museum of the monastery is arranged in the wooden church dedicated to "St. Anne" and brings to the public's attention a collection of over 100 church books, but also a valuable collection of old icons, painted on wood or glass. In addition to this museum, which shelters priceless exhibits, hundreds of years old, the monastery's museum complex also includes Nicolae Steinhardt's cell, as well as a vast library of over 40,000 books of worship and theological magazines, as well as volumes of universal and Romanian literature. The cell where Father Nicolae Steinhardt spent the last years of his life and which is located on the ground floor of the "Poet’s House", has preserved the personal belongings of the monk, known as a doctor of law, writer, publicist and literary critic. Nicolae Steinhardt, a native Jew, converted to the Orthodox religion while being incarcerated in Jilava Prison, where he would serve his sentence for refusing to testify against his friend, Constantin Noica. Between 1979 and 1989, Nicolae Steinhardt lived as a monk in the Rohia Monastery.

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