The Pleş Peasant Museum

The Pleş Peasant Museum

Muzeu / Obiective turistice


Not far from the Church on the Hill, we find the Pleş Peasant Museum. It was opened in 2000 and is arranged in a peasant household that includes a house and a household, the wooden constructions being over 250 years old. The twig fence that surrounds the household and the wooden gate through which offer access, ensure the transition to the simple universe of the country man. In the yard one can view technical installations used by peasants, such as a scutcher, brush, spindle, ratchet, spinning wheel, weaving loom, all used in the processing of hemp. In the barn there are installations used in the processing of cereals, such as a hand mill, an oil press or a corn chopper. The interior of the house features objects that were once found in any home in Maramureș, from kitchen utensils and traditional pieces of furniture, to items of folk costumes or fabrics and icons used to decorate the walls. The pieces from this valuable ethnographic collection belonged either to the Pleş family or to the villagers from Ieud, who donated them to enrich the patrimony of the small museum. 

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