The Roots Museum

The Roots Museum

Muzeu / Obiective turistice


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DN18, Romania


Right on the border of Maramureș County with Suceava County we find the Roots Museum, a unique exhibition that reveals the lifelong passion of Ștefan Grec, the local man who has dedicated the last 40 years to collecting tree roots with unique shape. Those more than 100 processed exhibits within the collection are sheltered in a modest old house covered with shingles. Each one of the bizarre roots found here bear the name given by the collector himself, depending on what each exhibit inspires. In addition to the impressive collection of roots, this museum located in the heart of the mountains also has a room where military objects belonging to the soldiers of the two World Wars are exhibited. These objects were found in the surrounding forests, from where the famous roots originate as well. Here, tourists can also admire small exhibitions of old banknotes, eggs decorated with Maramureș and Bucovina motifs, but also "mine flowers" (mine rocks). 

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