The Teleki Castle - The Petőfi Sándor Museum

The Teleki Castle - The Petőfi Sándor Museum

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Piata Eroilor Nr. 43, Coltău 437283, Romania


Teleki Castle is believed to have been erected between 1740 and 1760, during the reign of Empress Maria Theresa. The most famous owner of the imposing building erected in the Baroque style was Teleki Sándor of Szék, a well-known revolutionary and writer, close to some personalities of the time, including the poet Petőfi Sándor. Between 1846 and 1847, the famous Hungarian poet was a three-time guest at Teleki Castle, the most important stay taking place in 1847, when Petőfi Sándor and his wife spent their honeymoon here. The visit, which lasted more than a month, culminated in the enrichment of Hungarian literature with 24 love poems, works that the poet wrote on a stone table in the castle courtyard. Originally, the castle housed a single Petőfi Sándor memorial room, but in 1960, as more and more pieces joined the collection, it was extended over an entire floor. In 2020, the historic monument building was inaugurated as a result of a rehabilitation process, and the museum's exhibition material shall be further expanded with the support of the Petőfi Literary Museum in Budapest. The rooms of the museum welcome their guests with themes related to the history of the building, from the presentation of the Teleki family and the evolution of the castle, to the visits of the poet Petőfi Sándor. Not only the inside of the castle is surprising, but also the outside area, where one can still admire the horn and the stone table on which the famous works of art of the poet were created, as well as a group of statues representing the relatives of Count Teleki, a crucifix and magnificent secular trees. 

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