The "Elie Wiesel" Memorial House

The "Elie Wiesel" Memorial House

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Strada Tudor Vladimirescu 1, Sighetu Marmației 435500, Romania


Elie Wiesel Memorial House is a special place that honors the memory of one of the most famous personalities of Maramureș. The first attempts to evoke the culture of Maramureș Jews took place in the early 70's, when the Maramureș Village Museum wished to represent the Jewish culture, an initiative that materialized through the restoration and arrangement of two houses that belonged to Jewish families. After the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded in 1986 to Professor Elie Wiesel, a survivor of the concentration camps that took the life of millions of Jews, efforts were made for many years to turn the house where he was born into a museum. The Elie Wiesel Memorial House, which opened its doors to the public only in 2002, is located right in the house where the famous novelist, playwright, essayist and memorialist lived until the age of 15, in one of the old Jewish neighborhoods in Sighetu-Marmației. After experiencing the horrors of Jews and other minority groups during World War II, Elie Wiesel published nearly 40 volumes describing the inhuman treatment of the victims of the Holocaust in Nazi extermination camps. In the rooms of the memorial house are exhibited pieces of furniture and decor that belonged to Jewish families, but also a reconstruction of Elie Wiesel's desk, along with documents and photographs on the life of the memorialist. Also, one of the rooms of the house evokes the consequences of the Vienna Dictate, which led to the deportation of Jews from Maramureș and one room presents the cultural relations that Elie Wiesel had with other personalities of the Jewish community in Sighetu Marmației. The courtyard of the house was arranged as a space for recreation and silence, a good place to contemplate the cruel truths revealed inside the museum.

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