The Maramureș Hutsuls Collection

The Maramureș Hutsuls Collection

Muzeu / Obiective turistice


Strada Repedea nr 573, Repedea 437240, Romania


The museum that houses the collection was inaugurated in 2019, through a joint effort of the Foundation of Ukrainian Hutsuls from Romania and the Sinaptica Association - Maramureș. The small museum was arranged in a former annex household  and houses objects specific to the traditional culture of the Hutsuls. The objects, old inscriptions and photographs on display reflect the material culture and the very identity of the Hutsuls, the Ukrainian community to which this ethnic subgroup belongs, having a well-established presence in this region. The museum-type collection also includes works of contemporary art that describe the cultural and ethnographic richness of the Ruscova Valley, a place of special beauty.  

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